The joy of assembling furniture

As humans, we take pride in our accomplishments. Thus, assembling furniture can be a joyful and rewarding task

No one can deny that humans take pride in their accomplishments. There is extreme satisfaction in ticking off things from our to-do list. Finishing the last pages of a book you are reading, organizing the never-ending mess in your closet, and of course seeing the furniture that you spent hours trying to assemble, assembled. Starting from just pieces and parts to end up with a completely sturdy and appealing product is a joyful journey that we all take pride in. However, failing short to make it to the finish line because of unclear instructions will stain this unique experience and it usually overwhelms us.  

The good news is that technology is bringing us new solutions, and new alternatives have emerged that will restore the fun of assembling our products. 

“How to assemble an Ikea Ektorp Sofa” 

What is flat-packed furniture 

Assembling furniture is a difficult yet rewarding task. However, with the emergence of flat-packed products, ready-to-assemble furniture, this task is becoming easier and even more pleasant. 

Flat packed furniture is furniture that we receive flat and in a kit. In other words, it is ready to be assembled whenever and wherever we choose. It can be an intimidating box to receive. Nonetheless, the modern and clean feel of the different parts makes it very appealing. 

This type of furniture has multiple competitive advantages an affordable price, efficacy in terms of space, and easiness when it comes to moving it around.  Self-assembly furniture can also be customized according to the need and tastes of the customer. Thus, assembling it is a very joyful task, seeing our own creation come to life. 

How can assembling furniture be a rewarding experience? 

Getting lost in the various pieces and parts included in the box and finishing with a modern-looking yet comfortable Poäng chair will give you an extreme sense of accomplishment and success.  

As pointed out by BBC designed “The ‘joys’ of self-assembly have become familiar to many of us around the world” 

It is in our human nature to value and cherish what we put our blood, sweat, and tears into assembling. We regard it as a prized possession that is a symbol of our handiness, dedication, and commitment. 

Ready-to-assemble products are a nice family project. Therefore, all household members can help whether they are young or older which makes a great bonding exercise.  

According to Price Economics people had a higher valuation of products that they contributed to its assembly. “While the mean valuation in the pre-assembly group was $0.48, the self-assembly group averaged a 60% higher valuation ($0.78). Norton dubs this the “IKEA Effect”  

However, an unpleasant plot twist can occur and transform this incredible experience into a nightmare. Ambiguous instruction manuals that we fail to understand and give little to none explanation can hinder our progress. 

How can manuals impact negatively this experience?  


Paper manuals are an outdated invention. They can be confusing and unclear. How are we supposed to differentiate between the different yet similar-looking screws just by looking at a 2D illustration? Are never-ending parts and screw pieces that look identical driving you mad and burdening you? 

Manuals are very boring and noneducative that the intended solution has turned into a problem. 

2D manuals can cause a major disappointment and push us to quit the task at hand. Not being able to finish something or realize a pre-set goal makes people feel that they have failed which will eventually ruin the task.  

The alternative that will bring back the joy to this act? 

A more humane way of providing instructions is emerging and will ensure the joy of assembling your furniture by yourself. It is 3D manuals! 

More engagement and better user experience are guaranteed since 3D helps match the reality of the consumer. 

Onboard is a web platform that enables users to see the different components and follow the instructions allowing you to carry out your work efficiently. They can even streamline exchanges in real-time via augmented reality. Hence your task will be easier and more enjoyable. 

Other alternatives that provide a customized experience are also to consider. For instance, Dessine ton meuble is a company that allows people to have control of the entire process of furniture acquisition from designing the piece to assembling it.  

In conclusion, seeing the result of our hard work is an incredible feeling that makes a self-assembly an enriching experience. This can be guaranteed and delivered when using the right Onboarding technologies.