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    Manuals! Catalogs! magazines! All made of paper. What a waste of resources and an endangerment to the environment. The objects that we use and how we use them are not static concepts. They are ever-changing and technology is challenging and accelerating that change to a new level. One of the inevitable aspects that we long thought to be an integral part of our everyday life and is now being substituted is paper. In other words,
  • Customer support, FAQs, call centers…these are just a means to an end. How to become customer-centric and how to bring your team Onboard on this journey. This week I had the pleasure to interview Aurore Lanchart, a customer experience professional here at Station F in Paris. Aurore is working at Clind the app that makes you learn new things every day, remember what matters, and share it with the people you care about ūüôā ‚ÄúWe
  • Buy it
    In a cluttered highly competitive industry, customer experience is the only way to stand out, nothing beats happy customers. Should your team build this experience? Or should you buy a ready solution? A painful transition of business processes to the cloud, only accelerated. Covid-19 did nothing but accelerate the transition of business processes from the real world to the digital one. All businesses are trying to figure this out, but hardware businesses are the ones
  • No one can deny that humans take pride in their¬†accomplishments.¬†There is extreme satisfaction in¬†ticking off things from our¬†to-do¬†list. Finishing the last pages of¬†a book you are reading,¬†organizing the never-ending mess in your closet,¬†and of course seeing the furniture that you spent hours trying to assemble, assembled. Starting from just pieces and parts to end up with a completely¬†sturdy and appealing product is a joyful journey that we all take pride in. However, failing short to
  • Are you struggling to assemble your Ikea Norden table? Are the different components confusing and the never-ending batches of different yet similar screws driving you crazy? Is the manual overwhelming you more than helping? Well, that’s expected. We don’t experience our life through 2D illustrations. How come we have to use a paper manual when the product itself is not two-dimensional. Thus, we will onboard you and assist you with assembling this piece of furniture
  • We all agree that assembling flat-packed furniture from Ikea can be not only a difficult task but also extremely annoying. Indeed the Ektorp sofa, for example, will appear as an easy object to assemble but dealing with such a heavy product with very little to none clear instructions from a paper manual can be a burden. That’s why we will assist you with assembling it using a 3D interactive manual. You will also find a